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A free one-to-one lesson lasting 30-minutes is available for new students. You will have the opportunity to experience what it would be like to learn English with us, and we will use the lessons to determine your language level and to advise you on the best lesson package for youIf you wish to take a free trial lesson, please order one of our Free Trial Lesson Packages and then complete the Lesson Booking form to confirm the date and time of your lesson.

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Placement tests

Our placement test will place you at the right level to learn English efficiently with Crown Academy. The test was specifically created to help us determine which of our Course eBooks suits the level that best describes your ability to speak English.

English placement test

English levels:A1 Beginner – B2 Upper-intermediate
Time to solve:30 minutes
Results:0-22 % → Book 1,  23-40 % → Book 2,  41-57 % → Book 3,  58-72 % → Book 4,  73-85 % → Book 5,  86-97 % → Book 6,  98-100 % → Book 7 or higher

English for kids placement test

English levels:A1 Beginner – B1 Intermediate
Time to solve:35 minutes
Results:0-33 % → Book 1,  34-49 % → Book 2,  50-67 % → Book 3,  68-83 % →Book 4,  84-92 % → Book 5,  93-100 % → Book 6

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A good internet connection

A fast internet connection is important for good sound and video quality.