Teacher Profiles

John Dawton

Has taught English since 2017 in London, Austria and Russia.

Speaks five languages fluently.

BA German and Russian.

TEFL and CELTA holder.

Interests: singing, musical instruments, acting, travelling, football, languages.

Stephanie Harris

5+ years experience teaching English to adults and children in language schools and online. Has taught English Language and Literature in secondary schools in the UK.

MSc Psychology, BA (Hons) English & American Literature

NQT, PGCE and TEFL holder

Interests: psychology, hiking, cycling, travel, languages, archery.

Olivia Hollingshead

Has taught English in Cape Verde and South Africa as well as online. Experienced teaching general English to adults and children as well as IELTS preparation and home-school tutoring.
BSc Mental Health Nursing.
TEFL holder.
Interests: kitesurfing, surfing, horse riding, travelling, cooking.

Nick Wood

23+ years experience teaching English.

Specialist in VIP courses for politicians, sheikhs and oligarchs. I have also taught armies, government ministries and the petrochemical industry.

MA Applied Linguistics.

Interests: film making, cooking, wine, nutrition, fitness.

Mayer Cohen

Has taught English since 1999 at schools and colleges in London.

Speaks five languages fluently.

BA (Hons) European Town & Country Planning / French.

Interests: political philosophy, nature walks, languages, cultures.

Nina Panwala

18+ years experience teaching general and business English as well as IELTS exam preparation to students from all around the world.

BA in Psychology and Sociology.

CELTA holder.

Interests: sketching, cooking, reading, training dogs.

Rachael Martin

Has taught general English to adults in London and online. Experienced in the fields of translation and interpretation.

BA (Hons) French and Portuguese

TEFL holder.

Interests: climbing, snowboarding, surfing, languages/interpretation.

Michael Haggerty

Has been teaching English in Thailand since 2011. Experienced teaching general English to adults and children as well as IELTS preparation and business English.

MA Social Sciences.

CELTA holder.

Interests: spending time with family, fitness, reading, history, football.

Lynette Slator

Has been teaching English to children and adults in many countries including online since 2018. Experienced teaching all levels of English as well as IELTS and OET speaking exam classes.

MA Politics.

CELTA holder.

Interests: watching movies, learning languages, walks in the countryside.