Tailored English – 3 lessons a week

£ 249.00

  • EUR: €288.96
  • USD: $305.15
/ 4 weeks


This subscription plan offers 5 lessons a week and is renewed every 4 weeks. 

Our Tailored English Lessons are designed to suit the individual’s needs. Every 55-minute lesson focusses on improving the student’s speaking, listening and reading skills in relation to specific learning material provided by the student. Your native English teacher will work with you to formulate your specially tailored Individual Learning Plan, specifically designed to suit your needs and timescale.

While we don’t have any strict rules about the format of our lessons, the majority will follow a similar pattern in which you focus on your particular challenges, usually, but not exclusively to listening, speaking and reading. There will be plenty of opportunities for error correction, expansion of vocabulary and phrasing, and discussion of engaging and meaningful topics.

Lessons are confirmed after the completion of a Free Trial Lesson to ensure that the lessons meet the precise requirements of the student.

Payments & Cancelations

You’ll be charged for your subscription at the moment you subscribe. Next payment depends on the subscription type. For 1 week subscriptions, you’ll be charged every 7 days from the day you initially started.

You can cancel at anytime by going to the Subscription tab on your Account page and click Cancel under the subscription you wish to cancel. You’ll have access to our lessons until the end of the current subscription period. If you ever want to restart the same subscription, just click Reactivate.