Speaking Club – Standard Plan – 5 Lessons / Week

£35.00 / 7 days



This subscription plan offers 5 lessons in 1 week and is renewed every 7 days. 

Our Speaking Club Lessons provide a chance for learners to practice speaking and listening in English. The lessons focus on using English in the types of situations one might encounter in everyday life. Students commonly engage in question and answer activities that involve expressing opinions, giving reasons in arguments, and discussing current events and cultural issues.

Lesson Duration:

1 Student: 30-minutes

2 Students: 60-minutes

Payments & Cancelations

You’ll be charged for your subscription at the moment you subscribe. Next payment depends on the subscription type. For 1 week subscriptions, you’ll be charged every 7 days from the day you initially started.

You can cancel at anytime by going to the Subscription tab on your Account page and click Cancel under the subscription you wish to cancel. You’ll have access to our lessons until the end of the current subscription period. If you ever want to restart the same subscription, just click Reactivate.