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If you’re a Language School, College, University, Education Agent, Immigration Centre, Training Provider or a Corporate Introducer get in contact and find out how you can become our Affiliate Partner. We are deeply committed to our Partners and have all the necessary tools to help you grow. With our high student satisfaction rate, bespoke courses and tailored support, your success is our success.
As an Affiliate Partner, you just need to refer potential students to this website and recommend them to book a Free Trial Lesson or Buy Lessons with one of our qualified native English teachers. As and when students make payments for lessons, we’ll pay you 20% commission for your referral. The minimum number of clients would be 5 students. You can track earnings, referrals and visits from your account. Please contact us to discuss our offer in more detail and receive your unique Affiliate URL link and Discount Coupon.
Benefits of working together:
    • Immigration Centres can benefit from offering their clients General English courses for kids and adults
    • English Language Schools can increase their return on investment by continuing their relationship with students post-classroom courses
    • Overseas Language Schools can expand their services to the areas they are unable to cover otherwise
    • Affiliate Partners can earn commission on their business contacts in Corporate Training or Education sectors

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