General English

Our General English Lessons are taught using a unique, dynamic, and student-centred approach to learn English. Every 55-minute Zoom lesson focusses on improving your listening and speaking skills.

In every lesson, your native English teachers will focus on encouraging you to use the vocabulary you already know and may have forgotten, as well as on teaching you new vocabulary and expressions, and correcting your grammar. By listening to a native English speaker, you will naturally follow their pronunciation and intonation and will quickly stop translating in your head and start speaking English with fluency.

For Beginner/Elementary level learners, our experienced teachers know how to help you build your confidence. You will gradually start to understand more and more as your teacher will set a pace that suits you, and introduce new vocabulary and set homework exercises.

As your level improves and you are more comfortable with the basics, the time will come for you to top up your speaking skills. If you want to work on sounding more like a native, then a native teacher is the best option. Our qualified native teachers will give you the learning strategies and confidence to be able to produce the English accent and tone.

55-minute lesson format: Revision Work (25 minutes), New Work (25-minutes), Feedback/Q&A (5-minutes)

Teaching Method

Our lessons immerse you in English with rapid questions and answers which improves your understanding of spoken English. Constant systematic correction of your mistakes, by native English teachers, greatly improves your pronunciation and confidence when speaking.  

Our teaching method focusses on:

Speed: the lessons are taught at a fast speed. There is no time to think and translate into your own language. This quickly improves your confidence and speaking skills.

Correction: you will listen and speak for most of the lesson and all your mistakes will instantly be corrected by your teacher.

Repetition: the lessons are taught through constant repetition and revision of grammatically correct sentences.

Course eBooks

English with Direct Method Course eBooks are required for our General English Lessons. Books 1-6 (CEFR levels A1 to B2) are divided into 7 or 8 modules, at the end of each you will find a grammar lesson with exercises practicing structures introduced in a given module, as well as exercises consolidating vocabulary. Modules also include communication sections together with dialogues and texts to practise vocabulary and structures needed in particular situations (e.g. at the restaurant, shop, airport), which is a novelty in direct method course books.

English designed with Direct Method

Teens English designed with Direct Method

Lesson Samples

Certificates of Completion

Students are awarded a Certificate of Completion for completing our English with Direct Method Courses. Students must take the required number of General English Lessons to complete the eBooks associated to each course and pass our end of course exam.


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