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Our General English Lessons are taught using our unique, dynamic, and student-centred approach to learn English. In every 55-minute lesson, your native English teachers will focus on encouraging you to use the vocabulary you already know and may have forgotten, teaching you new vocabulary and expressions, and correcting your grammar. By listening to a native English speaker, you will naturally follow their pronunciation and intonation, quickly stop translating in your head and start speaking English with fluency.

Our Business English Lessons can enable you to acquire relevant industry-specific vocabulary and terminology. Every 55-minute lesson aims to improve your Business English language capabilities by expanding your knowledge of occupational vocabulary & grammar and raising your awareness of different commercial communication methods.

Our Tailored English Lessons are designed to suit the individual’s needs. Every 55-minute Zoom lesson focusses on improving the student’s speaking, listening and reading skills in relation to specific learning material provided by the student.

Our Speaking Club Lessons provide a chance for learners to practice speaking and listening in English. The lessons focus on using English in the types of situations one might encounter in everyday life.

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