Frequently asked questions

Trial lesson and level test

Yes! Our English placement test and trial lesson will place you at the right level to learn English efficiently with Crown Academy. The placement test was specifically created to help us determine which of our Course eBooks suits the level that best describes your ability to speak English. Your teacher will also give you a level test during your trial lesson.

The teacher will ask you some questions and listen carefully to your answers, evaluating your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. They will start with easier questions, and then increase the difficulty level depending on your performance. When you struggle to understand the questions or give answers, the test will stop and the teacher will tell you which of our Course eBooks suits the level that best describes your ability to speak English.

The only things you need to prepare are a quiet place where you can focus, a good internet connection, and a reliable device with a camera and microphone.

The Crown Academy Method is perfectly suited for beginners. Even if you don’t speak a single word of English, your teacher will know what to do! They will skip the level test and start your first lesson immediately, teaching you basic words and very simple sentences like “What’s this? It’s a pencil.” Just follow the teacher’s lead and you’ll see how it all works.

No. The trial is for you to see if you like it and want to take more lessons. We have a no-strings- attached, policy, so you can decide if you want to buy a plan or not.

No. Our courses are flexible: after you complete one plan, you can buy another one directly after, or take a break. Whatever works for you!


The price of a lesson depends on the plan you choose. The larger the plan, the lower the price per lesson. To compare all available plans and their prices, please visit the Start Learning page.

You can cancel any booked lesson 6 hours or more before in advance. If there is less than 6 hours left until the lesson time, cancellation is impossible. Try to attend the lesson, so your money doesn’t go to waste!

We can extend your plan if you need to take a break for one of the following reasons: – holiday; – illness; – natural disasters; – war or civil unrest; – family emergency; – unexpected changes in life circumstances relating to job/ education/ living situation etc. If any of the above applies, just send us a message and explain what happened. We will offer you extra time to take your lessons after your plan expiry.

An order can be refunded within 7 days of purchase unless at least one lesson has been taken to a satisfactory standard. A satisfactory standard means:

– Teacher began the Lesson within five minutes of booked time (regardless of what time the User joins the Lesson);

– Teacher and User established satisfactory connection quality (both parties can hear and see each other clearly);

– Teacher conducted the lesson correctly according to the Crown Academy Method and following the User’s individual lesson plan;

– Lesson ended at planned lesson end time (55 minutes after planned lesson start) or no more than one minute before planned lesson end time.

If one or more of these requirements have not been met, you can ask for a full refund.

– Frequency of lessons

Every lesson begins with a revision of material from previous lessons. The more often you take lessons, the better you remember the revised material, and the less repetition you need. If you do less repetition, you have more time for new work and you progress faster.

– Connection quality

It’s very important that your tutors and you can hear each other clearly. You need to learn correct pronunciation from them, and they need to correct any mistakes that you make. Your tutor and you will speak simultaneously a lot of the time, so it’s important that there is no lag. If there are sound issues, your lessons will be less efficient and your progress will be slower.

– Exercises

Between lessons, you will be able to do exercises that will help you revise on your own as well as practice spelling. If you do these exercises regularly, you will remember previous lessons better and need less repetition.

The Crown Academy Method works thanks to frequent and extensive revision. The weekly plans are designed to motivate you to take lessons regularly and make progress faster. We find that taking 5 lessons per week brings the best results for most students. If you are unable to take lessons 3, 5 or 10 times a week, please consider a Pay As You Go plan – these are for people who need extra flexibility, even if it’s at the cost of slightly slower progress.

Course eBooks

You’ll find the Course eBooks on the Start Learning page, right under Private English Lessons.

The eBooks are a useful tool for revising between lessons. You can read and listen to the material that you have already learned during your lessons. You will also need it during the “Reading” part of the lesson, when the teacher asks you to read specific pages from the book out loud. Please do not read the eBook during the lesson! It’s important that you focus on the spoken language and concentrate really hard on remembering the words and saying them quickly. That’s how you learn most efficiently. Please do not learn the answers by heart. If you memorise the answers, you will say the words automatically without thinking about them. It will make lessons easier, but it won’t help you develop confidence and the ability to use the language independently outside of lessons!

Due to copyright protection laws, it is impossible to print an eBook.

Saving an eBook to any drive would create a digital copy of the book. This is impossible due to copyright protection laws.

Your eBook will be ready for you to access on our eBook Portal within 1 hour of placing your order. We will create your student account on our eBook Portal then we will send you an email with information on how to access your account and course eBook.


If you have one or two favourite teachers, you can book all your lessons with them. It’s better for your progress to use various teachers, but it’s not strictly necessary.

Yes, all Crown Academy teachers are native English speakers.