Similes and metaphors are both types of figurative analogies, comparing two things to show their similarities. The difference between similes and metaphors lies in how the comparison is expressed.

A simile compares one thing to another using ‘as’ or ‘like’. It states that one thing is similar to another.
A metaphor states that two things are the same, without using ‘as’ or ‘like’.

You will find some examples below.

Examples of SIMILESExamples of METAPHORS
As busy as a beaverHis home is a prison.
As blind as a bat.My colleague is a dark horse.
As black as coalLaughter is the best medicine.
As clean as a whistleThat boy is a rotten apple.
As flat as a pancakeYou are an angel!
As innocent as a lambOur teacher is a dragon.
As old as the hillsLife is a series of stepping stones.
As plain as dayTime is money.
As quiet as a mouseThe actress is a star.
As steady as a rockHe’s a bit of a rough diamond.
As stubborn as a muleCharlie is a night owl.
As sly as a foxHer brain is a computer.
As white as snowAlex is a rolling stone.
As wise as an owlChildren can be clowns.
Eat like a birdAmerica is a melting pot.
Cry like a babyHis daughter is his sunshine.
Act like a childThat man is a road hog.
Fit like a gloveJulie is an early bird.
Sell like hot cakesWe finally got the green light.
Sleep like a logThe market is the heart of the town.
Spread like wildfireHard work is the key to success.
Swim like a fishLife is a roller-coaster.
Behave like a lunatic.His speech was a marathon.