The suffix ‘hood’ is added to some nouns to indicate a particular state or period in someone’s life, or a group sharing a specified condition or state. Here are some examples:


(example: the state of being an adult or a widow, or the period when you are a child)

adulthood, babyhood, bachelorhood, boyhood, childhood, fatherhood, motherhood, maidenhood, manhood, womanhood, parenthood, seniorhood, spinsterhood, twinhood, widowhood …


  • brotherhood (group of people linked by a common interest, a fraternity)
  • priesthood (the position of being a priest / the whole body of priests)
  • sisterhood (a group of women with a common interest / a community of nuns)


  • falsehood (a lie, something that is not true)
  • hardihood (bravery, courage, fortitude)
  • knighthood (have the title of knight and be allowed to put ‘Sir’ before your name)
  • likelihood (something that will possibly or is likely to happen)
  • livelihood (your source of income, the way you earn the money you need to live on)
  • nationhood (having the status of an independent nation)
  • neighbourhood (the area where we live with our neighbours)
  • sainthood (the quality or state of being a saint)
  • starhood (the state of being a star – astronomic object or celebrity)