Bark1) Noise made by a dog
2) Outer cover of tree
– Some dogs bark a lot.
– Cork comes from the bark of a tree.
Cell1) Part of an organism
2) A room in a prison
3) Unit of a political body
4) Area of radio coverage
– The body is composed of millions of cells.
– The prisoners were kept in separate 
– There are terrorist 
cells all over the world.
– Call me on my 
cell phone.
Plain1) Simple; unadorned
2) Clear; obvious
3) Area of flat land
– Carla looked elegant in a plain black dress.
– His disapproval was plain to see.
– Wild horses galloped over the plains.
Pupil1) Student
2) Part of the eye
– Hugo was the only pupil to arrive late.
– The pupil is the centre of the iris of the eye.
Refuse1) Not accept
2) Unwanted waste material
– She refused all offers of help.
– Garden refuse goes into this bin.
Ring1) Piece of jewellery
2) Circle
3) Sound/chime
– The couple exchanged wedding rings.
– The children sat in a ring around the teacher.
– The church bells ring for the morning service.
Row1) Dispute
2) Arranged line
3) Make a boat move
– Eva had a row with her boyfriend.
– We managed to get seats in the front 
– You need oars to 
row a boat.
Sole1) Bottom of shoe/foot
2) Only/single
– She saw a hole in the sole of one of his shoes.
– The child was the sole survivor of the crash.
Tear1) Liquid from the eye
2) A split in something
3) Move quickly
– I didn’t shed a tear although I was in pain.
– There was a 
tear in her skirt.
– Tom started to 
tear after the pickpocket.
Tip1) Piece of advice
2) Small sum of money
3) Extreme end/top
4) Dump
– I found great tips in this cookery book.
– The service was good so we left a tip.
– He showed the word with the tip of his pencil.
– The workmen took all the rubbish to the tip.
Toast1) Grilled bread
2) Drink to celebrate something
– I usually have tea and toast for breakfast.
– Paul raised his glass to toast the bridal couple.
Vain1) Excessive pride
2) Unsuccessful; futile
– Eva is vain; she has a high opinion of herself.
– I told a joke in a vain attempt to cheer him up.