Euphemisms are words or expressions used to avoid being too blunt or offensive. They are used to shield people from language that may seem too harsh or be inappropriate for the circumstances. For example, when people die we often say that they ‘have passed away’.

armed interventionmilitary attack or war
adult contentpornography
between jobsunemployed
capital punishmentdeath penalty
casualtiespeople killed or injured
collateral damageunintentional deaths/damage
correctional facilityprison
developing countrypoor country
economically disadvantaged; underprivilegedpoor
economical with the truthlie; be untruthful
family planningbirth control/contraception
friendly firean attack from your own side
go to the bathroomurinate
it leaves a lot to be desiredunsatisfactory; bad
on the streetshomeless
pass awaydie
peace-keeping forcesarmy
pre-ownedused or second-hand
put on administrative leaveremove from duty
put to sleep (usually an animal)euthanise/-ize
pregnancy terminationabortion
sanitation workergarbage/rubbish collector
senior citizen; retireeold person
thin on the topbald
undocumented workerillegal immigrant
vertically challengedshort person