Collocations are combinations of two or more words that usually go together and are commonly used by native English speakers. Here are some collocations and expressions with the verb ‘get’.

GET …Examples of use
Get around
It’s not easy to get around the city without a map.
Get angry
Become angry
His father got angry when Justin damaged his car.
Get away
The burglars got away before the police arrived.
Get cracking
You’d better get cracking Alex or you’ll never get your homework done.
Get better
Improve health
I hear you’ve got the ‘flu. I hope you’ll get better soon.
Get cold feet
Tom wanted to enter the competition but at the last minute he got cold feet.
Get dark
The boys went home because it was getting too dark to play.
Get divorced
End marriage
Tom and Amy announced their decision to get divorced.
Get drunk
Drink too much
You can go to the party but don’t get drunk!
Get excited
Become excited
The children got excited when they saw the clown.
Get an idea
Think of something
I’ve got an idea. I think the kids would love a picnic!
Get a job
Find work
There’s so much unemployment it’s hard to get a job these days.
Get married
Marry someone
Alex and Lea have decided to get married.
Get permission
Be allowed
You have to get permission to copy the article.
Get ready
Hurry up! It’s time to get ready for school.
Get rid of
Let’s get rid of everything we don’t use!
Get the message
When Tony pointed to his watch, I got the message – it was time to leave.
Get a move on
Hurry up
You’d better get a move on or you’ll miss the bus!
Get moving
Start something
The traffic is already heavy so let’s get moving.
Get nowhere
Not succeed
I’m trying to repair the machine but I’m getting nowhere.
Get somewhere
The technician has arrived. Now we’ll get somewhere!
Get on with
Be quiet and get on with your homework!
Get out of
Some husbands manage to get out of doing the dishes.
Get started
It’s time for the meeting to begin so let’s get started.
Get the drift
Understand the essential
I didn’t understand every word but I got the drift.
Get the sack
Lose your job
The employee was caught stealing so he got the sack.
Get there
The climb will be difficult but we’ll get there.
Get together
Why don’t we all get together for lunch one day?
Get upset
Become upset
Our parents get upset if we don’t call them regularly.
Get used to
Become accustomed to
You’ll get used to spicy food when you move to India.