The suffix ‘some’ added to an adjective generally means ‘tending to’ or ‘causing’. The list below shows some examples of these adjectives.

adventuresomeinclined to take risks or try difficult things
awesomeexcellent, inspiring awe, very impressive
bothersomeannoying, irritating, disturbing
burdensomehard to bear or difficult to do
cuddlesomeendearing, pleasant to hug or cuddle
cumbersomelarge, heavy, difficult to carry or use
fearsomefrightening, causing fear or timidity
gruesomehorrifying or causing repulsion
handsomeattractive, good-looking
irksomeirritating, tedious, disagreeable
loathsomecausing hatred or disgust
lonesomefeeling lonely or solitary
quarrelsometending to argue or provoke a dispute
tiresomeboring, tedious, laborious
troublesomecausing annoyance or difficulty
wholesomehealthy, nutritious
winsomecharming, appealing, sweet (e.g. a smile)
worrisomecausing worry or concern