Adverbs such as always, already, ever, never, often, rarely, seldom, sometimes, still, usually, generally, regularly, are placed as follows in sentences:

  • after the verb BE:
    • Charlie is always late.
    • English grammar is sometimes difficult.
    • Children are usually noisy.
  • before other verbs :
    • Tom sometimes takes the bus.
    • Sophie usually has lunch with her colleagues.
    • Young people today often spend a lot of time on the phone.
  • between two verbs :
    or after the first verb if there are more than two :
    • Julie has never travelled on the Eurostar.
    • You can always change your password later.
    • I would never have thought that.
  • Except if the second verb is an infinitive:
    • Charlie often needs to ask for directions.
    • Alex rarely chooses to travel by train.
    • We generally try to eat healthy food.