AudienceGroup of listeners or spectators.
body languageCommunication through facial expressions, body movements, etc.
ChartSheet of information in the form of a table, graph or diagram.
DiagramGraphic representation of a situation e.g. the results of an action.
Flip chartPad of large paper sheets on a stand for presenting information.
GraphDiagram showing the relation between variable quantities.
GuidelinesAdvice or instructions given in order to guide or direct an action.
HandoutWritten information (report etc.) given to people at a presentation.
Key pointEssential or main point.
MarkerPen with felt tip used for writing on a whiteboard.
MicrophoneElectrical instrument used to amplify the speaker’s voice.
O.H.T.Overhead transparency : sheet of film with an image or printed information for overhead projector.
ObjectiveWhat one wants to achieve; one’s aim
OutlineBrief description or presentation.
Overhead projectorDevice that projects a transparency onto a screen or wall.
OverviewShort presentation of the main points.
PointerRod or stick used to indicate things on a map, screen, etc.
ScreenFlat, reflective blank surface on which films, slides, etc. are projected.
Signposting languagePhrases used to help focus the audience’s attention on different parts of a presentation.
SlideSmall photographic transparency.
SummariseMake a summary of the essential points; sum up.
TopicSubject of a discussion or talk.
TransparencyImage or information printed on transparent plastic or film.
Visual aidsAids such as charts, slides, etc. used at a presentation.
WhiteboardFlat white board on which to write or draw with markers.