A.G.M.Annual General Meeting
AbsenteePerson not at the meeting, not present.
AgendaWritten list of points to be discussed at a meeting.
AlternativeChoice of two or more possibilities.
AttendeeParticipant or person attending a meeting.
BallotSystem of secret voting: voters place their ballot-papers in a ballot-box.
Casting voteDeciding vote, usually by the Chairman, when votes are in equal number.
The person who conducts the meeting.
ClarifyMake something clearer by giving more information.
ConferenceFormal meeting for discussion or exchange of views among people with a shared interest. A conference typically lasts several days. (Example: a conference on climate change).
Conference callTelephone call linking three or more people in different places so that they can communicate simultaneously.
ConsensusGeneral agreement.
DeadlineFuture date by which something must be done.
DecisionReach a conclusion or resolution concerning future action.
I-conferenceA meeting or discussion between two or more people via the Internet.
InterruptStop a person who is speaking in order to say or do something.
ItemA separate point for discussion on an agenda.
Main pointWhat is most essential.
MinutesA written summary of the proceedings at a meeting.
ObjectiveWhat is aimed at, what one wants to achieve or obtain.
Point outDraw attention to something e.g. point out an increase in demand.
ProposalA course of action put forward for consideration: to make a proposal.
Proxy voteA vote cast by one person for another.
RecommendAdvise a course of action: to make a recommendation.
Show of handsRaised hands to express agreement or disagreement in a vote.
SummaryA brief statement of the main points.
TaskA piece of work to be done: to assign a task to someone.
UnanimousIn complete agreement.
Video conferenceConference linking people in different locations by satellite, TV, etc.
VoteExpress one’s agreement or disagreement: to cast a vote.