Eve is excited to go to her first Dylan Wyman concert in New York. Dylan Wyman is Eve’s favorite singer. In fact, Eve tells her mother Jeannine, Dylan Wyman is her favorite person!

When they are about halfway to New York, Jeannine hears a weird noise. “Oh no,” she says, realizing that they have a flat tire.

There isn’t much room on the side of the road, but Jeannine pulls the car over and climbs out. Sure enough, their right rear tire is completely flat.

Jeanine opens the trunk to get the jack and the spare tire. Traffic continues to whiz by at seventy miles per hour.

“Mom, are we going to die?” Eve asks. She is really scared.

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll be quick,” Jeannine says as she starts to jack up the car.

“Wow Mom, how do you know how to do this?” Eve is shocked at her mother’s secret talent.

Then Jeannine takes off the flat tire.

“Wow Mom, how do you know how to do that?” Eve asks in wonder.

Jeannine just laughs. Then she puts the spare tire on. Eve says, “Mom, who are you?”

The entire tire change takes only 10 minutes. They both climb back into the car and Jeannine says, “I’m so sorry honey, but we can’t drive all the way to Albany on this spare tire. We’re going to have to stop and buy a new tire. We might be late for your concert.”

“That’s okay, Mom,” Eve says, “You’re my favorite person now!”