Exam Preparation Lessons

Our Exam Preparation Lessons focus on all the main language skills and exam techniques needed to give you the best possible chance of getting the score you need. IELTS and Cambridge exam scores serve to demonstrate your English level to potential employers and universities, and can help secure visas for working and travelling. During your 45-minute lessons taught by our specialist native British English teacher you will learn how the exam works, understand what the examiners are looking for and regularly practise answering the different types of questions that are going to come up in this exam.

In your Free Trial Lesson you will have the opportunity to ask your teacher any questions you may have about what exam techniques and study strategies are required to succeed in IELTS and Cambridge exams. By the end of your lesson you will be able to see how preparing for the exam guided by a specialist teacher can help enable you to achieve your academic and professional objectives.

IELTS Exam Preparation Lesson

  • Follow the requirements of different test sections
  • Communicate fluently about personal matters
  • Present a prepared monologue on social topics
  • Offer and justify opinions about current affairs
  • Speculate about potential implications of global issues
  • Respond to questions confidently, clearly and coherently
  • Employ appropriate stress, intonation and speed in speech
  • Use appropriate vocabulary and grammar to express ideas
  • Complete all sections of the test within the allotted timeframe
  • Recognise and follow the listening question formats
  • Apply different auditory techniques to answer questions appropriately
  • Perceive the key points expressed by aural communications
  • Identify specific details and distinguish speakers’ roles
  • Specify numbers, dates, time, letters etc. correctly
  • Understand the implications of information aurally communicated
  • Accurately transfer required information in writing within extra time given
  • Distinguish different types of question formats
  • Predict main ideas from titles and visual aids
  • Skim and scan to understand gist and locate details
  • Perceive and paraphrase the main ideas in various types of texts
  • Work out the meaning of unknown words from the context
  • Recognise a writer’s views or claims and their implications
  • Answer various different question types
  • Complete the whole test within the allotted timeframe
  • Analyse and respond to different types of tasks
  • Organise and present compositions coherently
  • Express a variety of vocabulary and phraseology appropriately
  • Employ different grammar constructions and patterns accurately
  • Summarise the main points from various genres of texts
  • Advocate and substantiate different arguments logically
  • Identify problems and propose solutions
  • Edit and proofread written compositions under time pressure
  • Complete all of the written tasks within the required timeframe

Cambridge Exam Preparation Lesson

  • Understand simple written English
  • Understand and use basic phrases and expressions
  • Practise through example exam tasks and teacher’s feedback
  • Use the correct tense and sentence structure
  • Introduce yourself and answer basic questions about yourself
  • Interact with native speakers at a basic level
  • Speak about familiar topics such as hobbies, holidays and jobs
  • Understand the format of the exam and what’s required
  • Practise through example, exam tasks and teacher’s feedback
  • Read simple textbooks and articles in English
  • Write letters and emails on everyday subjects
  • Show awareness of opinions and moods in spoken and written English
  • Communicate more confidently in everyday situations
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the format of the Cambridge FCE exam
  • Practise through example exam tasks and teacher’s feedback
  • Use effective strategies to approach all types of Cambridge FCE exam tasks
  • Use a range of grammar and vocabulary for everyday situations
  • Focus on improving your accuracy as well as your fluency
  • Develop face-to-face Speaking skills for real-life situations, such as expressing opinions
  •  Know how to present arguments using natural expressions and functional language
  • Improve Writing skills through letters, reports and a variety of text types
  • Use key Listening skills for a better understanding of general topics
  • Understand how the Cambridge exams work and how to get the best result
  • Be confident taking the exam
  •  Voice your opinions and share your ideas with native and non-native speakers in a variety of different contexts
  • Communicate more fluently and accurately in English
  • Improve your English language skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
  • Practise through example exam tasks and teacher’s feedback
  • Get a thorough understanding of the Cambridge CPE exam content, expectations and techniques
  • Study demanding subjects at the highest level, including postgraduate and PhD programmes
  • Negotiate and persuade effectively at senior management level in international business settings
  • Understand the main ideas of complex pieces of writing
  • Talk about complex or sensitive issues, and deal confidently with difficult questions
  • Practise through example exam tasks and teacher’s feedback

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Exam Preparation Lessons (45 minutes)