General English Courses

English designed with Direct Method is a set of modern course eBooks for learning English by means of the direct method created by teachers with years of experience. eBooks 1-10 (CEFR levels A1 to C1) are divided into multiple units, and include communication sections with text and audio dialogues to practise vocabulary and sentence structures needed in particular situations (e.g. at the restaurant, shop, airport).

Key features:

  • practical vocabulary – over 4000 words carefully selected in terms of usefulness,
  • interesting questions in natural, contemporary English,
  • communication exercises, dialogues and texts.

Business English Courses

Business English Course eBooks are 3 independent titles aimed at adults who want to improve their professional English. The course eBooks combine the advantages of the direct and communicative methods. The direct method lets the student master the most essential skills – speaking and listening comprehension – in a fast and attractive way. The communicative method helps consolidate English grammar and vocabulary in real everyday life contexts.

Key features:

  • real-life business situations,
  • grammar explanations
  • communication exercises, dialogues and texts.

Kids English Courses

Designed for students aged 6-13, our Kids English course eBooks are based on the natural progression of language acquisition. A series of simple questions and answers teaches children how to understand and readily employ prepared chunks of language and grammatical structures. The pace and dynamics of the method make children understand the language in context.

Key features of the course books:

  • useful vocabulary
  • easy-to-understand grammar
  • clear graphics and user-friendly page layout
  • additional exercises.