Why Crown Academy for corporate English training?

Corporate classes

Gather your team in one class wherever they’re located!


Updated, detailed reports regarding learning progress.


Flexible scheduling

Flexible English language training for businesses available 24/7.

Account management

Tailored English language training program based on your needs.

Continuous and sustainable

Keeping up with classes on top of work can be a challenging task. Help your colleagues overcome this dilemma by providing a high-quality, live English language programme that is available 24/7 so they will be able to attend classes whenever they want.

No limits, no borders

Expand your English language programme seamlessly with Crown Academy so you can quickly onboard new employees from anywhere in the world, and make sure they receive the same quality of education regardless of which country they are located in

Track progress

We will keep you informed of your colleagues progress through periodic progress reports that will give you an idea of how they are doing. We will also make suggestions and adjustments along the way in order to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your programme. 

Valuable, yet accessible

At Crown Academy, we are committed to providing tailored solutions to suit all your needs while maintaining the highest standards of teaching, content, and classroom experience. Help your colleagues learn the English language by providing them with a top-quality, live English language training programme that is available 24/7.

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