Section 1

to like

a hamburger

a hot dog


“Do you like hot dogs? Yes, I like hot dogs. No, I do not like hot dogs. = No, I don’t like hot dogs”

Do you like hot dogs?

“Yes, I like hot dogs.

Do we like small pets?

Yes, we like small pets.

Do you like hamburgers?

“No, I do not like hamburgers.

Do you like hot dogs with ketchup?

Do you like small classrooms?

Do you like clean cities?

Do you like dirty towns?

Do they like French films in Mexico?

Do people in Argentina like football?

“Yes, I like hot dogs with ketchup.

“No, I don’t like small classrooms.

“Yes, I like clean cities.

“No, I don’t like dirty towns.”

“Yes, they like French films in Mexico.

“Yes, people in Argentina like football.


Section 2



a town



Hornesa is a town. Berlin is a large city. Monaco is a small country.

Is Monaco small?

“Yes, Monaco is small.”

Is China small?

“No, China isn’t small. It’s large.”

Is Hornsea a town?

“Yes, Hornsea is a town. [‘honsi:]”

Is Liverpool a town?

“No, Liverpool isn’t a town. It’s a city.”

Is Berlin a large city?

“Yes, Berlin is a large city.”

Is Berlin a small town?

“No, Berlin isn’t a small town. It’s a large city.”

Is China a small country?

“No, China isn’t a small country. It’s a large country.”

Section 3


It is a city in England. It’s a city in England.

Is Hornsea in England?

“Yes, Hornsea is in England.”

Is Berlin in China?

“No, Berlin is not in China.”

Is Liverpool a city in England?

“Yes, Liverpool is a city in England.”

Is Manchester a city in Ireland?

“No, Manchester isn’t a city in Ireland. It’s a city in England.”

Section 4






Where is Dublin?

“Dublin is in Ireland.”

Where is London?

“London is in England.”

Where is Paris?

“Paris is in France.”

Where am I?

“You’re in France.”

Where are you?

“I’m in Ireland.”

Section 5





the USA

New York

Where is Brussels?

“Brussels is in Belgium.”

Is Moscow in Ireland?

“No, Moscow isn’t in Ireland. It’s in Russia.”

Where is New York?

“New York is in the USA.”

Is Brussels in China?

“No, Brussels isn’t in China. It’s in Belgium.”

Section 6

the capital

Great Britain






Berlin is the capital of Germany.

What is the capital of Great Britain?

“London is the capital of Great Britain.”

What is the capital of Germany?

“Berlin is the capital of Germany.”

What is the capital of France?

“Paris is the capital of France.”

What is the capital of Poland?

“Warsaw is the capital of Poland.”

What is the capital of the USA?

“Washington, DC. is the capital of the USA.”

Is the capital of Russia a large city?

“Yes, the capital of Russia is a large city.”

Section 7


Where from?



I am from Ukraine. She is from London.

Where are you from?

“I’m from Ukraine.”

Where is she from?

“She’s from Germany.”

Where is Mick Jagger from?

“Mick Jagger is from England.”

Is Michelle Obama from Ukraine?

“No, Michelle Obama isn’t from Ukraine. She’s from the USA.”

Which city are you from?

“I’m from Manchester.”

Which city is he from?

“He’s from Paris.”

Which country am I from?

“You’re from the USA.”

Where are you from?

“I’m from Belgium.”

Section 8






Is New York a city?

“Yes, New York is a city.”

Is Japan a country?

“Yes, Japan is a country.”

Is Scotland a city?

“No, Scotland isn’t a city. It’s a country.”

Which country are you from?

“I’m from Spain.”

Is Canada a small country?

“No, Canada isn’t a small country. It’s a large country.”

Are you in Italy?

“No, I’m not in Italy. I’m in Spain.”

Am I in Canada?

“No, you aren’t in Canada. You’re in Japan.”

Section 9







Are you French?

“Yes, I’m French.”

Are you Russian?

“No, I’m not Russian. I’m Polish.”

Is this book French?

“No, this book isn’t French. It’s English.”

Is this teacher American?

“No, this teacher isn’t American. She’s English.”

Is this student German?

“No, this student isn’t German. He’s French.”

Section 10




What nationality are you? I am Irish, Ukrainian, American etc.

What nationality are you?

“I’m Polish.”

What nationality is this teacher?

“This teacher is English.”

What nationality is this student?

“This student is Ukrainian.”

What nationality is Juliette Binoche?

“She’s French.”

What nationality is Pierce Brosnan?

“He’s Irish.”

What nationality is a sales rep from Ukraine?

“A sales rep from Ukraine is Ukrainian.”

What nationality is a driver from Ireland?

“A driver from Ireland is Irish.”

What nationality is a waitress from France?

“A waitress from France is French.”

What nationality is a nurse from Germany?

“A nurse from Germany is German.”