At Crown Academy, we teach not only General English, but also Business English with our unique Direct Method of teaching English. This is particularly useful for Business English, as it will enable the speakers to learn business vocabulary and grammar more quickly and efficiently.

It’s worth asking though, what exactly is Business English, and what does it entail?

According to Merriam Webster, Business English is ‘the study and practice of composition with emphasis on correctness, propriety, spelling, punctuation, and the forms of business correspondence’ and also ‘English as taught in non-English-speaking countries in courses that emphasize its commercial rather than its cultural importance and that are normally designed to produce conversational fluency within a limited vocabulary’.

Business English is basically English intended for the world of business as opposed to everyday life. For example, you would learn about how to behave in meetings, how to negotiate deals and contracts, and how to behave in situations such as board meetings.

Our Business English lessons here at Crown Academy can enable you to acquire relevant industry-specific vocabulary and terminology. Our courses can help you to communicate in Business English more fluently and accurately so that you can apply what you’ve learnt to working in your industry immediately. Every 55-minute lesson aims to improve your Business English language capabilities by expanding your knowledge of occupational vocabulary & grammar and raising your awareness of different commercial communication methods.

Thank you for reading the blog! As always, please do book a Free Trial Lesson with us, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in our General English or Business English classes!

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