Welcome back to the Crown Academy blog! This week I thought I’d write about something topical here in the UK, which is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

I’m sure many of you are asking ‘What’s a Jubilee?’ Well, another way to describe ‘Jubilee’ is a celebration to mark a length of time that a monarch (in this case the Queen) has been on the throne.

The UK has had a few long-reigning monarchs, and the top 3 all happen to be queens, Elizabeth I, Victoria and Elizabeth II. The current queen has been on the throne since 1952.

Elizabeth II succeeded her father George VI in 1952, and her reign has overseen the decolonisation of the British Empire, the Cod Wars, The Falklands War and both the entry and departure from the European Union. Her past jubilees have also coincided with major events such as the 2012 Olympic Games held here in London.

The Jubilee is usually celebrated by a fly past (airplanes, helicopters) over Buckingham Palace, a church service in Westminster Abbey, and many street parties around the UK with a lot of Union Jack flags in the bunting (decorative pieces of string). Tea and cakes is of course a must for those of royalist persuasion!

The Jubilee this year is a long weekend, meaning people won’t need to work until Monday! We in the UK love a long weekend, so, royalist or not, there will be celebration in this first weekend of summer!

Thank you for reading this blog! I hope you’ve all learnt something new today! As ever, please do book a Free Trial Lesson with us here at Crown Academy!

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