Welcome back to the Crown Academy blog. It’s May, and we’ve had quite the strange weather here in London! Sunny one day, grey and cloudy the next! Typical UK weather!

Today let’s explore how you can describe where you live in English, including which prepositions you can use to do so. There are many places where people can live, and many ways of describing them!

Firstly, we normally use ‘in’ to describe where we live, whether that means our flat or house, city, town, village, or country. For example, you can say ‘I live in a small flat in London’. ‘I live in the UK’, ‘I live in Europe’. In can be used for almost any situation, but we also use on for certain things such as ‘streets, islands, rivers and lakes. For example, we can say ‘I live on the high street’, ‘I live on an island’ and ‘I live in a house on a lake’. In doesn’t work with anything water related here because it would mean that you live under the water, like a mermaid or a fish! It’s the same with islands, it would mean you live underground if you used ‘in’ in this context.

Another thing to remember about describing where you live is that in English, we always put adjectives before the noun, whereas in other languages they put them after. We say ‘I live in a big blue house’ as opposed to saying ‘I live in a house big blue’ as other languages such as Spanish would say. It’s the same for describing anything in English, from your house to your favourite celebrity, whoever they may be!

Thank you for reading this blog. In the comments, why not use this blog to describe the place where you live? As always, please do book a Free Trial Lesson with us here at Crown Academy.

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