As with many countries in the world, Christmas is a very important holiday in the UK. Whilst many countries celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December (or Christmas Eve), we here in the UK celebrate it on the 25th, also known as Christmas Day.

On Christmas Day, the family open their presents together, and the Christmas meal, consisting mainly of roast turkey, roast vegetables, gravy and roast potatoes, is eaten. By the end of it, most people start feeling really full! Christmas carols are sung, and the Christmas tree by then is already well-decorated!

The next important holiday celebrated in the UK is Easter. Celebrated in March or in April, Easter, despite its religious origins, has come to mean a great excuse for people to eat a lot of chocolate! Traditionally, lamb is the meat of choice at Easter, and many families will paint eggs and decorate the house with them. Halloween is the next holiday worth discussing. Celebrated on October 31st , the name means ‘All Hallows Eve’ which basically means the night that all the spirits and evil things come out before November 1st , which we call All Saints Day. Young children typically dress up as scary characters and go trick or treating for Halloween, and carving pumpkins is a very common pastime here. As people get older, Halloween parties, whether at home or at a club, are very popular for those of us who refuse to grow up!

Those were just some of the holidays we celebrate here in the UK. And what about you all? What holidays are celebrated where you are? Please do let us know, and don’t forget to book your Free Trial Lesson with us at Crown Academy!

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