Hello, and welcome back to the Crown Academy blog! We’ve had all sorts of weather here in London! Rain, sun, heat, you name it! Today I’ve decided to write about my favourite country, Slovenia.

You might wonder why Slovenia is so special? i will explain this later my friends, however, let’s start with some history.

Slovenia has for a long time been under the control of foreign powers. First to rule over Slovene lands were the Romans, and ruins can still be seen to this day in the capital city of Ljubljana. The Slavs were the next people to settle, followed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was during this time that Ljubljana was transformed from a modest provincial town to a beautiful city, designed by the architect who also designed Prague, Plecnik. Slovenia’s national poet, Preseren, was also from these times. He wrote the lyrics to Slovenia’s national anthem, and many other poems too! He’s a bit like the Slovene answer to Shakespeare!

After World War 1, The Austro-Hungarian Empire fell, and the country of Yugoslavia, first as a kingdom, then a federal socialist republic, was born, with Slovenia as one of its constituent republics. Yugoslavia lasted until the 1990s, where Slovenia was the first to declare independence after the Ten Day War.

Now, why is Slovenia so special? Slovenia has wonderful nature, landscapes, culture, history, people and food! It also has a wonderful climate, and is at the crossroads of central and southern Europe!

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