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Today I thought I’d discuss an interesting topic. The origins of the days of the week in English. Before we do that though, let’s remind ourselves how to say the days of the week in English. They are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Now we’ve had a refresher on the days themselves, let’s talk about why the days of the week are what they are.

Monday, the first day of the week, is short for the ‘Moon’s Day’. Tuesday comes from the Norse and Saxon god Tiuw, so ‘Tiuw’s day’, Wednesday comes from the king of the Norse or Saxon gods Odin (or Woden), so it’s ‘Woden’s day’.

Thursday comes from the Norse and Saxon god of thunder himself, Thor, so it’s ‘Thor’s day’. Friday comes from the Norse or Saxon goddess Frigga, so it’s ‘Frigga’s day’.

For the weekend days, Saturday is names after the Roman god Saturn, and Sunday is of course, the ‘sun’s day’.

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