About Us

Crown Academy is an online English language school with highly trained and experienced native British English teachers. We are known as a fun and friendly school that welcomes students from all over the world.

Our mission is to deliver high quality, interactive and affordable online English lessons which enable our students to swiftly and effectively improve their English language skills.

Our online English lessons are confirmed after the completion of a Free Trial Lesson to ensure that the lessons meet the precise requirements of the student.

Our General English Lessons are taught using a direct method that we have carefully developed into a unique teaching system. Every 25-minute lesson focusses on improving your listening and speaking skills. Our lessons immerse you in English with rapid questions and answers which improves your understanding of spoken English.

Our Business English Lessons can enable you to acquire relevant industry-specific vocabulary and terminology for your particular commercial purposes. Every 25-minute lesson aims to improve your Business English language capabilities by expanding your knowledge of occupational vocabulary & grammar, enhancing your writing, reading, listening & speaking skills as well as raising your awareness of different commercial communication methods.

Our Exam Preparation Lessons focus on all the main language skills and exam techniques needed to give you the best possible chance of getting the score you need in the IELTS and Cambridge exams. During your 25-minute lesson you will learn how the exam works, understand what the examiners are looking for and regularly practise answering the different types of questions that are going to come up in this exam.

Our Tailored English Lessons are designed to suit the individual’s needs. Every 25-minute Zoom lesson focusses on improving the student’s speaking, listening and reading skills in relation to specific learning material provided by the student.

General English

Business English

Exam Preparation

Message from the Principal

Hello. I founded Crown Academy in 2020 to allow students to learn British English in a convenient, effective and enjoyable way. Although I really enjoyed teaching, I now love running all aspects of Crown Academy and managing a fantastic team of teachers. Thank you.  

Adel Tawdrous

Principal & Managing Director

[email protected]

Our Teachers

Our trained and experienced teachers are all native British English speakers and will have you speaking English from your first lesson. 

Our Promise

You can trust online learning with Crown Academy. We want you to have a successful, engaging and enjoyable online experience. Our online lessons are specially designed for the online environment so that you can learn efficiently and enjoyably. This is our online promise to you. 

1. Before you pay for lessons, we will listen to your needs and test your language level, only then will we recommend the best plan for you.

2. You will receive clear information about what the course involves and how you can get help from your teacher and the school’s support staff.

3. We will provide you with clear information about the technology we will be using, the equipment you will need and guidance to support your online experience.

4. Your teachers will be qualified and they will all have received training in how to teach online. Crown Academy lessons are regularly observed by academic managers to ensure the best possible learning experience and are designed to be interactive and practical.

5. When you are learning with Crown Academy online, we will regularly check your progress, and we will give you help in how best to improve.

6. We will always welcome your feedback.

Contact Us

Live support times (UK)

8:00 to 20:00 – Monday to Saturday 

Registered Address

71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

Partner With Us

If you’re a language school, college, university, education agent, immigration centre, training provider, corporate introducer, corporation or charitable organisation, get in contact and find out how you can become our Trusted Partner or Introducer.
Become an Affiliate Partner
As an Affiliate Partner, you just need to refer potential students to this website and recommend them to book a Free Trial Lesson with one of our qualified and experienced native British English teachers. As and when students make payments for more lessons, we’ll pay you 10% commission for your referral. The minimum number of clients would be 5 students. Please contact us to discuss our offer in more detail and receive your unique Promotional Code.